How it works

EYI proccess
EYI’s registration process is built to identify your yacht, company, and your position onboard. The registration stage is an easy process designed to keep the vendor and management safe when conducting further actions on our website.
Request to Sell
EYI’s request to sell is tailored to gather all necessary information about the item you wish to sell. A simple solution to insure you the item can be sold with us.
Easy pickups powered by educated EYI drivers and appointment booking software notifying you when we are coming.
We protect your items with care and can return the item to your vessel at any time. We store all sorts of items, from furniture to tenders.
Cleaning, Photoshoot & Protection
We will display studio imaging for our website, ensure your item is delivered clean to the new owner, and protect your item with the necessary packaging for delivery.
eCommerce, Marketing & Traffic
We provide the traffic & audience tailored to increase the possibility of you selling your item with us. We ensure your item is represented with transparency.
eCommerce, Marketing & Traffic
EYI services include finalizing the sales of your item and shipping the item to its new owner.
Stripe Connect ensures you automatically receive payment for your item once it has been sold on our website. Easy connect a bank account of choice and receive payment.

Request to sale

The “Request to sell” process is built to simplify the process of selling your items with us. Please answer all the questions as accurately as possible. EYI will use the information you present to determine whether we believe, we can sell your item.
The “Request to Sell” process is a series of 8 questions EYI asks of the vendor to answer to explain what they wish to sell, the condition of the item & the price they wish to sell the item for. To “Request to Sell” an item is completely free.
It helps EYI understand any irregularities with the item you want to sell and guarantee good condition and functionality of all items we sell through our eCommerce.

Request to store

EYI provides long-term and short-term storage exclusively if you do not wish to sell your items with us. EYI protects your items with care and can return the item to your vessel at any time. We store all sorts of items, from furniture to tenders.
EYI’s “Request to Store” process allows you to request storage for your items in a quick and easy way. EYI will guarantee that your items are insured and accounted for in the Storage Contract.
EYI’s Warehouse is located at 282 Rue Des Cistes, 06600, Antibes. A 240m2 warehouse with all necessary packing and protective materials and a full-scale inventory management system.
EYI charges €40 per square meter (m2) every started month. All payments our deducted from your credit card through Stripe. EYI will provide an invoice five days before deducting the transaction from your account, every month your item is stored with us.
To remove your items from storage, please go to your admin profile — my items — select the item(s) you wish to be returned to your vessel — click


EYI has implemented Stripe Connect onto the platform, Stripe Connect helps us split the payment from the buyer on our eCommerce.
EYIs commission plus VAT is deducted from the total amount and the rest of the money is automatically transferred to the vendor's bank account.
EYI split payment solution is reliable in paying you as the vendor instantly when your item is sold on our eCommerce. However, if the money is not received, EYI has seven days to issue your payment from the date your item was sold.

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Didn’t find what you were looking for?